Pulse Diagnosis FAQs

Since the first writings on Chinese Medicine, physicians in China have used pulse diagnosis as the most powerful tool in assessing a patient’s internal condition. In a time before MRIs, Xrays, and blood tests, physicians had to use the body’s own appearances to find out what was going on inside the system. From disorders within organs to inflammation in areas of the body the physicians used the pulse to guide their diagnosis and treat effectively.

What is It?

Jason will place his fingers on your wrist above the radial artery. The different segments of the radial artery mimic blood flow throughout the body. From there Jason will be able to assess your health and come up with a treatment plan for you.

How did you know!?

Over the centuries, Chinese physicians found that the radial artery on the wrist mimics the blood flow throughout the body. Various qualities of the pulse (like speed, amplitude, and shape) give tactile details about what is going on inside the body like a stethoscope gives audible information about the heart and lungs. If trained correctly, and with a great deal of practice, the best acupuncturists and herbalists strive to master this technique. The information helps to designate a Chinese Medicine diagnosis in order to give the herbs and acupuncture that will treat the root pattern influencing someone’s health. 

The Pulse & Your Health Plan

Jason’s reading of your pulse will dictate what needs to be treated and how long it should take to correct. As your pulse improves a patient will feel markedly better physically, emotionally, and energetically. Herbal medicine is a powerful tool to help restore the body and is the first choice in our clinic to help our patients get their vitality back! To try pulse diagnosis schedule an initial consult by giving us a call or finding us at local events we will update on our contact page