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Here at Garuda Health we specialize in Chinese Medicine because it works so well for so many conditions as a stand alone practice and is deeply under served in the Midwest. Using this medicine we can focus in on our patients needs and concerns by using the best methods from around the world to help people feel better, fast! Western Medicine is quite amazing at trauma care and life saving medicine, however, where it falls short is chronic disease. Chinese medicine has an extensive history of treating conditions related to pain and internal medicine by some of the greatest minds in history. We aim to apply millenia old empirical practices with today’s medical knowledge to truly help people live a better life. See below what we might be able to help you with and do call us if you have a specific ailment you do not see but wish to discuss.


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Treatment for children & teenagers is also available for any of the conditions you see above. We simply use a smaller dosage of herbal medicine or a smaller needle for acupuncture. Chinese medicine is a fundamental part of every pediatrics ward throughout China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.